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Disaster Management in Kullu District

Disaster Management has become a crucial task for Kullu district. It is not that natural disasters keep on happening often but Kullu being located in high seismic zone has more risks of landslides and flash floods. The district authority has taken initiative to draft a foolproof plan for Disaster Management in Kullu District.

Kullu District Management Authority is the prime organization responsible for handling disasters at the district level. The authority has been created as per the guidelines of Disaster Management Act of 2005. DDMA of Kullu works under the guidelines of National Disaster Management Authority.

Disaster Management in Kullu

Various teams of Kullu District work in coordination with each other to combat any kind of disaster at any point of time. To involve civilians in disaster management and to make them aware about the same, DDMA has plans to recruit volunteers from various Gram Panchayat areas who will work hand in hand with the district authorities in combating disasters in Kullu.

Role of Government in Disaster Management

During disaster different types of communication media play a very important role in faster management of disaster. Media helps in the interaction between the people involved in relief operation including government authorities, individuals and NGOs. Communication media also helps in combating any kind of rumors during disasters and help in communication with the masses. Communication media plays a great role in providing right information to the right people at the right moment.

Structure of District Disaster Management

Following are the part of District Disaster Management Structure:
  • DDMA or District Disaster Management Authority
  • DDMC or District Disaster Management Committee along with their respective teams
  • SDDMC or Sub-Division Disaster Management Committee along with their respective teams
  • Disaster Management Committee at Tehsil or Sub-Tehsil level along with their teams
  • Disaster Management Committee at Nagar Panchayat Level or Municipal Level & the respective teams

Important Components of Disaster Management Plan

According to DDMA of Kullu there are some crucial components which should be incorporated in the Disaster Management Plan and are as follows:
  • Strengthening of available policies, technical, technological & human resources
  • Promotion of information exchange and coordination of different departments
  • Preparation, monitoring, and review of preparedness plans and relevant policies for disaster management at regional, district and national levels
  • To focus on the risk areas of the district to ensure response is fast and effective when disaster is struck
  • Establishment of emergency funds so that there is no loophole in having the preparedness plans in place
  • Creation of enough volunteers at government level and also from the civilians including women and youth

Preparedness for Specific Disasters in Kullu

For Earthquakes

Temporary shelters and food & water will be provided to the victims for three months after the earthquake. Then reconstruction and rehabilitation process will continue which may take about 6 months to 3 years. One major area that DDMA is looking into is restriction in construction of buildings or structures. Reconsideration of building construction guide, strict punishment when standards are not complied with and earthquake-resistant buildings will help in reducing loss of life and property when earthquake happens. Plans are there to build up earthquake resistant communication system, electricity supply and water supply.

For Floods

To combat floods construction of dams, floodwall, reservoirs, and improvement of drainage system etc are considered in the DDMP to combat sudden floods or cloud bursts. Within a short time after the disaster, government will work towards restoration of rail tracks, roads, and postal communication. Supply of water will be normalized and immediate repair of power, drainage and telephone line will be ensured. Immediately after the disaster, rescue operation is the most important part. People and cattle have to taken to safe places (much higher places) and will be provided with basic needs like shelter, food, water and medicine. Availability of boats and rescue boats in enough numbers are important part of rescue operation immediately after the flood. 

For Landslides

Immediate response to landslides and recovery measures are also planned by the DDMA. Long term planning and measures to ensure that proper land usage in terms of agricultural method, patterns of settlement etc. are included in the DDMP for Kullu District.

DDMA Kullu has planned to look into following areas like drainage system improvement, proper land usage, reforestation, educating the local people, preserving the slopes, strict building construction laws, measures to minimize soil erosion, installing of warning and monitoring system.

For Forest Fire

Forest Fires occur seasonally and proper preparedness and mitigations for the same are included in DDMP. Regular inspection of the fire guidelines near the forest area has to be done. Proper training to the fire fighters and usage to ultra modern instruments will reduce the damage. Educating the locals and enforcement of strict laws are important in case of fighting forest fire. Usage of signs and poster and restriction of camping, picnics etc. in certain areas of the forest. Use of agricultural practices like cleaning, weeding and removal of dry leaves would be helpful. Killing the weeds by using chemicals is also helpful. Construction of fire barriers will prevent the fire from spreading from one area to the other.

Contact Persons and Important Phone Numbers

Beas Hospital: 01902 224 312
District Hospital Kullu:
01902 222 350
Kullu Medical Center:
01902 224 524
Police Assistance:
01902 222 775
Fire Services:
01902 222 345
Ambulance Service:
01902 222 350
Electrical Complaints:
01902 222 401
Water Complaints:
01902 225 991
District Control Room:
01902 222 561 / 9418 923 561
District Health Officer:
01902 223 077

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