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Food in Kullu

Kullu has become one of the hot favorite tourist destinations in the recent time. Tourists who come to Kullu fall in love with the food items they get to eat in Kullu. Kullu has numerous road side eateries as well as many star-ranked hotels and restaurants that serve local delicacies as well as cuisines from all over the world. The cuisine that is served here reflects the climate and requirements of the region.

Roadside Tea in Kullu

Local Food in Kullu

The local delicacies of Kullu are made of ingredients that are grown in and around this valley. Even two decades back, Kullu Valley had very limited types of crops growing there. The crops that were mainly grown in Kullu Valley were maize and paddy because of the climatic reasons. But now other grains and vegetables are also grown here and they have become part of daily meal. The staple diet of the people of Kullu Valley comprises of rice, vegetables, lentils and bread.

During local festivals, special food is cooked which are vadas, bhaturas, vegetables and patrodu. Non-veg dishes are also popular and for preparing them, lots of spices like cloves, cardamom, red chilies and cinnamon are used. The most popular drink that people of Kullu Valley love to drink at any time of the day is tea. People here love to drink milk and lassi. Curd, ghee and butter are also part of the routine diet of the people in Kullu.

During festivals or special occasions like marriages etc. traditional way of cooking and serving is followed. This is called “dham”. On special occasions, the menu comprises of rice, curry, madra, pulses, and sweet rice. Brahmin cooks or botis cook the food in huge utensils made of brass. Food is served to the guests by the botis and guests sit on the ground for taking food. Food is served on leaf plates or pattal.  Khatta, a sauce made with gur and tamarind is also served with the meal.

Thali served in a restaurant in Kullu

Some of the vegetarian foods that you cannot afford to miss out while you are staying in Kullu are Speu Vadi, Gucchi Matar and Kaddu ka Khatta. There is nothing to feel disappointed if you take interest in non-veg foods because Kullu restaurants and eateries have enough of them. You can try out grilled fish, Chicken Anardana and trout fish dishes like baked trout or mustard trout.

Leaving Kullu without tasting dishes like Sattu, Patrodu, Kodra and Salyana is something which you will regret for rest of your life. For the locals of Kullu Valley, no meal is complete without sweets. Tourists coming to this valley never forget to try out the local sweet dishes Nasasta, Muffins and Mittha. Locals in Kullu prepare wine from barley which is called Chakti. Wine is also prepared from red rice called Lugri. This Lugri has a mention in the movie Yeh Jawani Hai Deewani as one of the special items of Kullu Valley.

Eating Out in Kullu

Muffins in Kullu

Kullu is the hub of numerous cafes and restaurants. Many of these eateries get the footfall of hundreds of tourists every day. Visitors can enjoy good quality food among friendly ambiance and wonderful scenic beauty. Apart from serving the mouth-licking local food items, momos, Thupkas, pizzas, and Indian and Chinese cuisines are also served at various restaurants of Kullu.

Hotel Sarvari and Planet Food are the two eating joints located at Dhalpur Kullu where you will get cuisines from all over the world. Pizzas and burgers are served at Hot Stuff at Dhalpur. These fast food centers are ideal for getting quick bite items. For exclusive Veggie items, you have to visit Veggy located at Gandhinagar in Kullu.

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