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Handicrafts of Kullu

Handicraft is the form of artistic handmade items. Kullu in Himachal Pradesh is famous for its handicraft products. Local people of Kullu have involved in handicraft business since ages. Previously, handicrafts were practiced to satisfy local people’s monetary problems but nowadays handicrafts have become a huge trading activity center.

Handricrafts of Kullu

Handicraft business is slowly taking its position in the national market. Weavers, who used to follow their traditional designs, are now practicing modern design handicraft items. This article gives a detailed description of all the handicraft items available in Kullu.

Kilta of Kullu

This is a special kind of a handicraft item made up of bamboo cane. This is mainly made up of ‘nargal’, a local type of bamboo available in Kullu. It is a special type of a basket that can be used for various purposes. Primarily, nargal is cut into strips and then interlaced. Generally this basket is available in many shapes and sizes. As mentioned earlier this is an all purpose basket and can be useful in carrying any types of items like fuel, fruits, animal waste and so on. A rope is attached to this basket and with the help of this rope this basket is carried on back.

Cane Craft of Kullu

This is a famous form of handicraft in Kullu. Cane craft deals with items which are made up of bamboo cane. Items made from cane are slowly replacing wooden items since they are eco friendly unlike wooden articles. ‘Kilta’ and ‘Patari’ made up of cane are worth mentioning.

Cane handicrafts

These two items are widely produced in Kullu and is used for commercial as well as household purpose.

Patari of Kullu

This type of handicraft is also known as ‘Tokri’. This is also a form of basket which comes with a handle to carry. This basket can be used for many purposes. These can be used as a fruit basket or a basket for storing chappatis.

Mandri of Kullu

This is also a famous form of handicraft available in Kullu district. Mandri is a form of a carpet which is prepared from Paddy Straws. Local people who cultivates paddy mainly involves in making these carpets. These carpets are famous because people of Kullu have a tradition of distributing these carpets among their relatives during any festival.

Handicrafts in Kullu

Local people also gift this carpet to their daughters during their marriage. This is generally used for covering the floors. With modern inventions, the use of Mandris is decreasing. People nowadays use carpets made up of clothes and not of paddy straws. Hence the use of Mandris is limited to villages.

Pullan of Kullu

This is a type of footwear which is made up of fibers that is available from a bush found in kullu district. The front portion of the show is made up of goat hair. This part of the shoe is beautifully accessorized with colorful threads. The bottom portion of the footwear is made up of the fiber available from the bush. Pullans are generally produced in Banjar Valley of Kullu region.

Pullan Handicrafts

This form of shoe is available in many sizes and local people consider this footwear as a warm shoe worn during winter season.

Handicrafts are a form of avenue collection of the local people. Nowadays handicrafts are becoming fashionable. But that no way means local people are forgetting their traditional designs. They are learning new techniques of making handicraft items. New designs with old technology are making these items famous and well known throughout Kullu district and also worldwide.

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