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Hospitals in Kullu

Hospitals in Kullu

Hospitals in Kullu have well trained medical professionals, expert paramedics, dedicated staff, nurses and care givers who utilize all modern facilities and quality medical devices to diagnose, test and cure patients.

District Zonal Hospital, Beas Hospital, and Laxmi Eye Hospital are some hospitals in Kullu. Kullu Valley Hospital, a unit of Banga Hospitals is located at Shastri Nagar in close proximity of Puri Petrol Pump in Kullu. Another hospital, Maya Das-Shiv Das Rotary Eye Hospital is located at Ruaru village in Kullu. It is an undertaking of Rotary Association, Kullu. S R Hospital & Surgical Center, another renowned hospital in Kullu is located on NH-21 in Bajaura Tehsil.

Sri Harihar Hospital in Kullu

Affordable healthcare with focus on quality has always been the mantra of Sri Harihar hospital in Kullu. This hospital is a unit of Jai Prakash hospital which runs on the values of trust, respect, honesty and ethics. Spreading public awareness about health and hygiene amongst the poor Himachali masses is one of their aims. Sri Harihar Hospital & Research Center locate in Kullu is one of the most renowned hospitals of the region.

It is a unit of Jai Prakash Hospital Private Limited and is located at Dhalpur. Patients get modern diagnostic facilities like MRI, Ultrasound; color Doppler, CT Scan, Pathology, upper GI endoscopy, ECG, Echo-cardiography, and Hematology at this hospital. The operation theaters are equipped with latest technological machines and maintain high standards of sterilization.

Sri Harihar Hospital Kullu

Treatment offered in Sri Harihar Hospital

General surgery-surgeries that focus on the abdomen, esophagus, intestine, bowels, colon, liver, bile duct, gall bladder, colon, pancreas, thyroid ducts and other organs which lie in the torso of the body are called general surgeries. Treatment of tissue, skin and breast is also done here:

Gynecology Services

Sri Harihar Hospital has good facilities for treatment and surgery of the male and female reproductive organs. There are medical procedures for OB/GYN, OBG and OBS and other Gynecological processes. Pregnancy care, pre delivery tests, post delivery care apart from specialized tests for determining characteristics of fetus.

Medical Services

Patients are all administered customized medical treatment for an extended period of time. There is a team of highly trained and expert medical services who are involved in the administration of medicines to patients.

Pediatric Services

Proper facilities for care of infants and babies are present in Shri Harihar Hospital facilities. For children and adolescents there are facilities which are specifically tailored to their needs.

Radiology Services

At Sri Harihar Hospital, there is a specialized Radiology service for patients. All ailments and diseases in human body can be diagnosed with radiologic tests. Orthopedic treatment facility is also offered where muscular skeletal problems are diagnosed, treated and supervised.

Dermatology Treatment

Treatment is offered for skin, hair, scalp, nails and other outer tissue of human body. Medical and surgical procedures on above areas are also performed. There is a special dermatology department at Sri Harihar Hospital deals with dermatological problems of wide range.

Pathology Treatment

Pathological problems and the diseases of the human body are carefully analyzed in the department of pathology. The application of laboratory science is an important aspect of the pathology department.
Trained anesthetists who deal with the function of blocking the sensation of pain from human body are also present in Sri Harihar Hospital.

Medical staff in Sri Harihar Hospital

Sri Harihar Hospital boasts of highly qualified teams of doctors and paramedics and nurses. The doctors are adept at administering appropriate treatment to patients on a need basis. Almost all kinds of medical treatments are competently delivered by the doctors in Sri Harihar hospital.

Facilities at Sri Harihar Hospital

Sri Harihar Hospital has well maintained facilities for each of the below mentioned sections:

  • Medical, pediatric practice, Gynecology /OBS, orthopedic, medical and surgical facilities with separate team of doctors and nurses tending patients
  • Indoor well maintained facility with economy ward, semi private, private and deluxe rooms
  • Surgical facility for major and minor operations and orthopedic and gynecological surgery units
  • Facility for CT scan, ultrasound, Color Dopler, Cardiography (ECO), cardiac monitoring, stress test (TMT) AND ELECTROCARDIOGRAM
  • Stress test, blood biochemical analysis, physiotherapy, rehabilitation, hematology, and serology are conducted. Cell culture and microbiology center, automated immunoassay for detection and marking of tumor available
  • 24*7 emergency care and ambulance facility present

Contact Details of Sri Harihar Hospital, Kullu
Sri Harihar Hospital

Tehsil Sadar
Kullu - 175101
Phone No.:  01902 226 666
0190 226 667
Email Id: hariharhospital@rediffmail.com

Banga Hospital Group Kullu

Banga Hospital was first established in the memory of Dr Arvinder Singh and it is well known for setting up many facilities like CT scan and USG facility in Kullu valley. There are 2 units comprising of 25 beds each in Banga Hospital group each with advanced diagnostic systems and healthcare facilities.

Facilities and Services

Banga Group Hospital is a multispecialty hospice service provider offering consultations in surgical processes, orthopedics, Neurosurgery, Dentistry, Pediatrics, Gynecology & Obstetrics, ophthalmology, radiology, pathology etc. There is the facility of undergoing major and minor surgeries and separate private and general wards for patients. There is also the facility of 24 hour emergency services with intensive units for infant and cardiac care. The hospital also has a fully stocked 24 hours drug store and an on call ambulance service with stretcher. Patients are also provided with central piped oxygen supply.

Banga Group Hospital Kullu

Investigative services for MRI, Color Doppler, CT scan, ECO-cardiography, Hematology, ECG, Biochemistry, Pathology and endoscopy etc are also provided here. There is wide access to latest varieties of drugs and pharmacological products as there is an ongoing agreement with SRL Ranbaxy.

Village Medical Up-Liftment Endeavors

This hospital specially assigns a team of Radiologists with ultrasound machines, transportable exam couch and a computer along with generator to service villagers staying in the far flung areas of Kullu.
Banga Hospital has also set up a Day Care Facility located in Dadour village. This facility has X-Ray, pharmacological lab and ultra sound service. There are 25 beds for patients who require overnight medical care.

Equipment List at Banga Hospital

  • Latest MRI machine (Sigma Model) from GE with inbuilt permanent magnet of 0.2Tesla
  • High Quality CT Scan machine from GE
  • Echocardiography machine with colour Doppler and high resolution Ultrasound manufactured by GE
  • X ray machine of 300 ma and Endoscopy machine of Fujinon Zseries
  • Highly accurate dry chemistry analyzer and semi automatic analyzer manufactured by Transasia

Contact Details of Banga Hospital, Kullu

Kullu Valley  Hospital

Main Hospital Building
Shastri Nagar

Medical OPD

Phone no.: 1902 226 397 / 01902 223 822 / 01902 226 322
Email Id:
banga_s1@rediffmail.com / jandeepb@gmail.com / bangahospitals@gmail.com

Popular Hospitals in Kullu

Government Hospitals in Kullu

Public hospitals in Kullu have the facility of all types of medical care for people of all economic classes under one roof. These hospitals are made for specialized care treatment of all patients along with clinical diagnosis service.

District Zonal Hospital

Kullu HO,
Kullu – 175101
Phone no.: 1902 222 350

Kullu Medical Center

Akhara Bazar,
Kullu HO,
Kullu – 175101
Phone no.: 1902 224 524

Private Hospitals in Kullu

There are a lot of private hospitals offering all type of patient care facilities for people in Kullu. Most hospitals are quite well equipped with latest medical equipment and employ team of expert doctors and competent medical care team.

S R Hospital

Village Kalhely,
Kullu – 175134
Phone no.: 1903 266 564

Beas Hospital

Mall Road,
Kullu HO,
Kullu – 175101
Phone no.: 1902 224 312

LifeLine Hospital

Near Punjab National Bank,
Kullu HO,
Kullu – 175101
Phone no.: 9817 060 436 / 9418 863 722

Y M Hospital

Kullu – 175125
Phone no.: 1902 268 165

Eye Hospitals in Kullu

Eye care is one of the most important areas of medical care and fortunately Kullu has two well known eye hospitals which cater to everything from simple cataract operations to more advanced retinal corrective surgery.

Laxmi Eye Hospital

Gandhi Nagar,
Kullu HO,
Kullu – 175101
Phone no.: 1902 222 969

MDSD Rotary Eye Hospital

Garsa Road,
Kullu – 175125
Phone no.: 1902 224 075 / 01902 222 335

All these hospitals in Kullu are best known for offering world class treatment to the patients. Another thing that make these hospitals popular is their friendly and supportive behavior with the patients.

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