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Manikaran Sahib in Kullu

Manikaran Sahib is one of the best examples of the co-existence between two greatest religions Hinduism and Sikhism in Kullu. In Sikh religion, Manikaran Sahib is the second most important religious place in the state of Himachal Pradesh. It is located at the Bank of the Parvati River. Manikaran village is so old that it has been mentioned in the Indian epics such as Braham Puran, Mahabharat and Ramayan. Gyani Gyan Singh, who wrote Janm Sarni mentioned this place in his books.

The Manikaran Sahib is associated with the Guru Nanak Devji, who was first Sikh guru. As per the book, Guru Nanak Devji visited this place and stayed here with his five disciples. Also, he performed many divine and unworldly acts during his stay here. Sikh people from all over the world visit this place for their religious pilgrimage.

Manikaran Sahib in Kullu

The founder of the Manikaran Sahib was a saint whose name was Saint Shri Narayan Hari. He came from Kamalpur which is located in Pakistan to this place and settled here. He founded the Gurudwara in 1940. Saint Shri Narayan Hari died in 1991, when his daughter Devji and the son-in-law Sri Ramji were looking after Manikaran Sahib. Some important festivals which are celebrated at Manikaran Sahib are Guru Nanak Jayanti and Saint Shri Narayan Hari Nirwan Diwas, when people all over the country visit the Gurudwara. The recital of Guruwani and Ardas goes on for many days and langars are organized for the believers.

Other Places to Visit Near Gurudwara

Manikaran Sahib is located at Manikaran which is located at the high attitude of 1760 meters over the sea level. In addition to being important pilgrimage destination for the Sikh religion, this place is also very important for Hindu religion. Parvati Valley and Manikaran is very popular with the Hindus people as this place is also associated with Hindu mythology with the Lord Shiva and his consort Parvati. It is believed that while on their travels, they liked this place very much and stayed here for many years.

On Wall of Manikaran Sahib

Once, Devi Parvati lost her earring as Sheshnag swallowed it and took it underground. When Devi Parvati wanted it back, he didn’t obliged. Due to this, Lord Shiva became angry and he opened his third eye. Frightened, Sheshnag threw it back on the ground with the aid of hot sizzling springs and with it other precious jewels like the earrings.

Premises of Manikaran Sahib

So, the name of place was derived from this place as Manikaran.  Manikaran also have various other temples which are associated with other deities such as Hanuman, Ram, Sita and lord Shiva. The Hindus also believe that Manu recreated human life in Manikaran after the flood.  They also believe that there is no need to visit Kashi after visiting this place for getting Moksha.

The way to Manikaran Sahib

The temple of Lord Shiva is very old and important in the region. On some specified dates, all the Kullu deities visit this temple even today. Apart from being the important religious destination, Manakaran is famous for its hot water springs and Geo-Thermal activities. The water is so hot in the springs that you can also cook rice here. The government has also set up a geothermal energy plant on experimental basis.

How to Reach Manikaran Sahib Kullu

Manikaran Sahib is located just 44 kilometers away from Kullu. You can take private taxi, car or jeep and reach this place in about an hour.

Accommodation near Manikaran Sahib Kullu

There are various hotels which are medium and high end near the Manikaran Sahib for the resident facilities. You can stay there and visit Manikaran Sahib for worship. Two of them are Krishna Palace hotel and Siddartha hotel.

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