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Villages in Kullu

Kullu district of Himachal Pradesh has many small villages inside it. Although these villages are not so famous yet they mesmerize travelers with their beauty. The presence of all these small villages makes Kullu a favorite destination for tourists. Our article gives you an insight view of these villages located in Kullu district.

Malana in Kullu

Malana village is remote and remains aloof from the entire world. This village is located near the Malana River which is nearly 3000m above the sea level. Local people residing in this remote village remain unaffected by the rest of the world and they follow their own customs and traditions. The villagers speak in ‘Kanashi’ language, which is the local language of Malana village.

village of Kullu

This language is understood by the villagers only. ‘kanashi’ is tough for common people. This language seems to be a mixture of Tibetan and Sanskrit language. ‘Jamblu Devta’ is the local deity of this village. Villagers strongly follow their powerful deity. The villager’s resding in this village is known as Malanis. Malanis believe that anyone outside their village is untouchable and they should not touch anything belonging to the village.

Kasol in Kullu

Kasol village is situated on the banks of Parvati River of Himachal Pradesh. This village is nearly 40 km east of Kullu district. Kasol is famous for its scenic beauty and low population. Since this village has a very less population you can thoroughly enjoy the peaceful ambiance of this area. Himalayan Trekking activities find its roots in Kasol. Kasol acts as the center for trekking to different passes like Sarpass, Yanker Pass and so on.

Villages of Kullu

There are few hotels in this region so you can expect an accommodation facility once you visit this village. The main source of income for people residing in this village is by selling fruits and vegetables. This village gives home to a school which allows education till 7th standard. The holy place Manikaran is only at a distance of 5  km from this village.

Naggar in Kullu

Naggar village is situated in the left side of the River Beas. This village is located nearly 300m above the river. The special attraction of this village is its surroundings. Snow capped mountains and beautiful waterfalls surround this village. Naggar Castle present in this village serves as a famous tourist destination. This castle is believed to have come into existence since 16th century. The major attraction of this castle is the presence of a small wooden temple inside the castle.

Villages of Kullu

There are other beautiful temples in this village which makes this village all the more attractive for travelers. Gauri Shankar Mandir is a beautiful destination for Tourists. Naggar fair is a famous fair that originates in the month of April. During this fair, local people set up their own stalls where they sell different handloom and handicraft items made by them.

Jagatsukh in Kullu

This is one of the largest villages in Kullu district. This village is mainly famous for the presence of temples. The main attraction of this village is the presence of the ancient Shiva Temple. This temple is designed in Shikhara style. This village consist of a shrine which is dedicated to Gaurishankar.

Jagatsukh Village of Kullu

The village is rich in temples and tourists who have an interest on religions can definitely pay a visit to this village.

Shamshi in Kullu

Shamshi is nearly 9 km from Kullu district. The local language of the villagers residing in this village is Hindi. The main attraction of this village is its scenic beauty. Tourists are attracted to the mesmerizing scenic beauty of this village.

Tegubehar in Kullu

The Tegubehar village is in the south of Kullu and provides an amazing view. This village is famous for attracting tourists with its scenic beauty. Hindi is the local language of this village.

Kullu Villages

Though remote, this village is famous for its beauty.

Talpini in Kullu

Talpini is situated in the south east part of district. This village is surrounded by other villages in all its sides. Villages like Naggar, Mandi and many more surround this village. The local language of the people residing in this village is Hindi.

Sachani in Kullu

Sachani village is mainly situated in the southern part of Kullu. The most convenient option to visit this village is by train since this village has a railway station. However, Shimla railway station is also nearby to this village. Local people communicate in Hindi language.

Shaat in Kullu

Shaat village is located very near to Naggar village and it is said that Naggar village of Kullu district surrounds this village. There is a co education school inside this village that provides higher education to the local people. Hindi is the common language in this village.

Talara in Kullu

Talara village is located in the south most part of the district. This village is not having a railway station inside it. The nearest railway station to this village is Shimla Railway Station.

Villages of Kullu

People staying in this village mostly speak in Hindi language.

Shurar in Kullu

Shurar village remain aloof from the rest of the district. The local people residing in this village stay according to their culture. These local people involve in farming and take up farming as their profession. They mostly speak Hindi language.

Shilihar in Kullu

Shilihar village of Kullu district is located in the southern part of the district and is near to the district head quarters. This village is small with a fewer number of people residing in it. People staying in this place involve them in cultivating fruits and vegetables. They speak Hindi.

We have traversed through different villages in Kullu district and facts about them. We have covered some important facts about these villages and more suggestions related to these villages are welcomed.

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