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Business Kullu

Right from hotel business to handloom business to internet cafes, Kullu is flooded with business opportunities. Locals and entrepreneurs from outside Kullu are taking interest to invest in various businesses in Kullu to get better Return on Investment in the coming years. For the economic development of entire Kullu Valley, these businesses play a very positive role.

Tourism Business in Kullu

Tourism Business in Kullu is reaching soaring heights. Every day new opportunity in tourism sector is opening and hundreds of people are getting employed. The main factor behind the economic development of Kullu Valley region is the tourism business. Not only 4-star or 5-star hotels are there in Kullu but numerous rest houses, guest houses and house stays are available all over the region to provide accommodations to the lakhs of visitors who come.

During festive seasons and peak seasons, hotels and restaurants do handsome amount of business because of huge numbers of tourists that stay here in this region. Tourism business in Kullu is not limited to the hotels and restaurants only. It has several sub-sectors and each one of them is doing well due to increased numbers of tourists in Kullu over the decades. Due to numerous foreigners visiting Kullu in different time of the year, foreign exchanges earned from international tourists help in boosting the economy of the region.

Tourism Business in Kullu

Kullu is the hub of different types of adventure sports. Many companies have opened to help tourists plan their adventure sports programs e.g. trekking, camping, water rafting, skiing, skating and bike safari. These companies or service providers not only plan the entire trip for their clients but they earn money by lending the required gears for these adventure sports.

Handloom Business in Kullu

Handloom Business in KulluKullu is famous for its handloom products and varieties of handicrafts items that you could get at any market here. Government is always encouraging people who are involved into the handloom industry.

Benefits are offered to these families including their children. Products like Kullu caps, Shawls, rugs, jewelry etc. are included in the handloom sector. Handloom in Kullu is part of small scale industry.

Bhuttico has engaged more than five hundred local weavers to create handloom products. Government has taken strong steps to ensure no imitation or replica of Kullu Shawl is there. The signature of Kullu, Kullu Shawl got registered as per the GI or Geographical Indication of Goods Act 1999 so that no outside manufacture could use the name “Kullu Shawl”.

Horticultural Product Business in Kullu

Kullu being surrounded by dense forests consisting of different types of vegetation including herbs, shrubs and trees is famous for its variety of horticultural and herbal products. Horticultural and herbal products help the locals especially the villagers to earn good amount of money by selling these products to the tourists.

Horticulture Business in Kullu

Extracts of medicinal plant, honey and body care products made with the herbs and trees found in the Kullu Valley have helped in the enhancement of business opportunity in this sector.

Mobile Phones & Internet Café Business

Many tourists especially the foreigners stay in Kullu for a long period of time. They need to connect to the people. To connect to their near and dear ones or for official purposes, mobile phones and internet are the ways they have to depend upon. Kullu has mobile phone shops where tourists get their mobiles recharged or get new connection if needed.

Internet Cafe Business in Kullu

Internet Cafes are also there which do considerable amount of business during the peak seasons.

Real Estate Business in Kullu

Real estate business in Kullu is a lucrative investment option for many. Whether it is a residential property, commercial property or investment for industrial land, Kullu is very promising. With more numbers of tourists visiting the land and increase in local population, investors in real estate in Kullu are sure to get the best ROI in few years.

Whether it is small scale industry like handloom or horticulture product or if it is a large scale industry like manufacturing of aerated water of natural spring water, government authorities continuously render administrative and financial help to the investors. Diversified businesses in Kullu have helped in the economy of the region and have created employment for the local people.
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