International Roerich Art Gallery

When anyone talks about the art gallery, there is a picture in the mind, the empty hallways, the dim lights and the paintings which are hung on the wall. The art gallery can be defined as the place which displays the paintings of the artists, they can be new or they can be established. There are different types of art galleries all over the world. Some exhibit and sell the works of different artists and some function as the museum. They generally display the work of long gone masters or other painters for the benefits of the public. The International Roerich Art Gallery, Naggar is located in Kullu and preserves the different works and paintings of the Russian Master Painter, N.K. Roerich.

International Roerich Art Gallery

The iconic Russian Painter moved to Kullu after 1917 revolution in Russia and never went back. This art gallery, which was his residence, is a legacy to the posterity.

History of International Roerich Art Gallery

When you go uphill for 2 kilometers from the Naggar Bus Stand, which is located in Kullu town, you reach the Roerich Estate. Here, you can visit International Roerich Art Gallery which displays the paintings and other works of Russian Painter N.K. Roerich. The full name of N. K. Roerich was Nikolai Konstantinovich Rerikh. He was truly a gifted renaissance man, who was trained in different fields. The fields included the law, archeology, philosophy, literature and art.  For some time, he also worked as the set designer for ballet, theatre and other cultural programs.

Collections at International Roerich Art Gallery

The artist was born in Russia, Saint Petersburg at the home of notary public in October 1874. He left the country with his family after the 1917 Russian Revolution. For many years, he travelled to different countries with his family and ended up in Kullu. He stayed in Kullu till his death in 1947. He was also nominated for Nobel Peace Prize for his work several times. His most noted success was the treaty between different countries to safeguard the cultural monuments which are spread around the world.

During his lifetime, the building where International Roaerich Art Gallery is located was his residence where he lived with his family. After the painter’s death, his son, Svyetoslav Roerich converted the residence in International Roerich Art Gallery in memory of his father. Today, the art gallery is run under a trust which is formed by Himachal Government and Russian Government and presided by PM of India.

About International Roerich Art Gallery

International Roerich Art Gallery is a tribute to the Russian master painter. During his stay in Kullu, he painted thousands of paintings depicting Himalayas, which are sentinel of India in all kinds of moods. The gallery has a few of his paintings which are preserved safely with the valued words of the admirers and some quotations from Roerich himself. The depiction in paintings was typically from the Russian point of view. He depicted various mythological fibers which run through Himalayas in his paintings. The paintings depict bright and deep colors which show the influence of Russia.

About International Roerich Art Gallery

The lower floors of building display the surreal colorful landscapes in one room. The upper floors of the building have preserved the Russian Artist’s private rooms. You can also see some photos, which are taken with other distinguished persons such as Pt. Jawaharlal Nehru.

How to Reach International Roerich Art Gallery

The International Roerich Art Gallery is located just 7 kilometers away from the Main market of Kullu. You can visit this place by taking private taxi, car, auto or bus.  You can also walk uphill as it is just 2 kilometers away from Naggar Bus Stand. The gallery is open for the visitors from 10 am in the morning to 5 pm in the evening all week except Monday. The price for admission of an adult person is Rs.50/- and Rs.20/- for the child. If you want to take video, you have to shell out extra Rs. 60. If you take camera, the cost is Rs. 25/- per head. One more thing, don’t forget to see the car Dodge, which is hidden in the premises.

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International Roerich Art Gallery

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